Modal Style Boxing Day

I've seen a plenty of websites that use modal style windows particularly for photo galleries.  They can be used for a variety of other content as well, giving a clean looking UI.  A little bit of polish, that give a fair amount of bang visually.  Unfortunately, the javascript behind it has always been a bit arcane.  I stumbled across a few snippets of code that claimed to handle it, but I was worried about continuing cross platform compatibility.  Luckily, a smattering of jQuery based projects have been developed to solve that problem.

One you might look at is FancyBox (  I haven't been able to take a chance to use it, but if the landing page for the project is any indication you can make some smooth UI with it.  Definitely something I will use in my next personal project.  Almost makes me want to write something sooner rather than latter just for the cool factor.