Display Fusion

I get plenty of stuff done at home on a 17" monitor. It meets all my needs, services all of my requests. It has done so now for many years. I've got a 22" monitor in a box waiting for a desk that can hold it. That's a bit sad but I'm in no hurry to put down the cash for the furniture.

Imagine how I feel every day coming into work to two 22" monitors. Pure bliss, that's how. Display Fusion is a utility that takes that bliss and smooths out any wrinkles from the lack of advanced Windows support for multi monitor setups. I'm just using it for a seamless desktop background across two monitors right now, but additional options abound.

A great deal of those options, such as hot keys to send a window to another monitor, are available in the free version. A trial of the paid version is available and it only cost $25 to purchase. That's a lifetime license, so there's no additional cost for new versions. If you go multi monitor, check out Display Fusion.