A while back I mentioned Scratch as one of the things I used to kindle my programming career. It is said that in order to truly understand something you have to teach it. Scratch is a wonderful teaching tool for programming.

Scratch allows new programmers (often kids, but not always) to create sprite based interactive content (i.e. games) easily. Programming blocks such as if statements, variable assignments, and events snap together into scripts like Lego(tm) bricks.

I created a dozen games for a gallery to show off concepts and explore mechanics, both in technology and game mechanics. I then made a couple of presentations to teach those ideas to group of teenagers for an event.

Scratch makes a great tool to turn some fun time into easily understandable demonstrations of programming knowledge. It can be read by someone who's never programmed and entertain the veteran. It was such a simple resume addition that I'd suggest everyone in the programming field take some time with it, you'll probably like what you create with it.